Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Horn tooting

is not something I'm particularly good at. But today deserves a little self-promotion: my first publication in THE SUN, a well-regarded print literary journal out of Chapel Hill, officially hits the newstands today.

And I won a writing contest.

I'd forgotten about the contest, actually. Back in May, I was deep in a flurry of submission activity: conferences, contests, agents, editors. I'm usually pretty organized about keeping track of what went where, so yesterday's email from Paula Berinstein of THE WRITING SHOW was kind of like finding a forgotten twenty tucked in last season's blazer pocket. But oh, so much better.

THE WRITING SHOW is a great resource for writers, lots of podcasts on the entire writing prociess, from idea formulation to editing to publication and marketing. They run several contests; I submitted the first chunk of BRIGHTER THAN BRIGHT to the Best First Chapter of an Unpublished Novel contest.

Prizes galore: the glory, of course, perhaps the greatest reward of all in this oft discouraging business; mentoring/coaching from Joe Nassise, a well-regarded fantasy novelist; an upcoming interview; and CASH enough to qualify as a PW "nice deal."

Which leads me to another reason to toot horns... our beloved Moonrattie, editor extraordinaire, anonymous author of EDITORIAL ASSISTANT, and friend to writers everywhere, has a friend in need, someone with stage 4 lymphoma who needs financial help paying for PET scans and other diagnostics. With a father newly-diagnosed with stage 4 head/neck cancer, I have total sympathy for this woman; I cannot fathom how my family would deal with our devastation if we had to worry about money and insurance. I'm investing some of my winnings in a raffle for a chance at Moonie's editorial acumen.

Go HERE ==> MISCHIEF FIGHTS CANCER to find out more. Please, pay your blessings forward.

Peace, Linda


  1. Congratulations!!!!!

    You've been through so much lately, enjoy your bright shiny moment.

    I actually just saw Moonrat's raffle-going now to lend a hand as well. (I am so dismayed lately how the health insurance crisis has just blipped right off our leaders' screens....)

  2. you know my hands are still stinging from the last set of high fives.
    next thing we know you won't know us anymore.
    on accounta you being so far above us...
    walking on clouds and all.

    you go girl!

  3. Twiz, thanks for the kudos and double-thanks for helping out the Mischief. Yes, relatively speaking, the last 7 days have been a nice reprieve.

    Paige, I never float too high. But thanks for the high fives - mucho appreciated. Now let's go hunt down an agent... Peace, Linda

  4. Congrats Linda, you deserve the win after all you've been through just lately. Enjoy and take care, Gillian

  5. linda, that is wonderful news!! hurrah!!! hope you're having a nice weekend to boot!

  6. Thanks Gillian and Cindy. Not a bad weekend at all, and the week's okay, too. Peace, Linda

  7. Woo and Hoo! Girl, you ARE on a roll! Here's hoping the success continues.

  8. Thanks Georganna! That means a lot coming from you. Now, on to getting an agent! Peace, Linda

  9. Oh congratulations on the contest! I always balk at entering for some odd reason.

    Maybe I can borrow your chutzpah for a little while? You know, just until mine shows up with my gumption in tow...

    Thanks for keeping my blog warm while I was tipping on the seas! =)

  10. Hey hope, welcome back! Oh, i'd much rather be cruising than winning a contest - sounds divine! Peace, Linda