Friday, August 29, 2008

This race just got interesting...

She's good. Damn good.


  1. The book is one of those that I would go back to the book store and pick up on several occasions, before I finally bought it. This does not sound like the sort of book I gravitate to, but in the end I'm pulled back to until I buy it, then read it with relish.
    The rewrite from present to past tense sounds like hard work, but I know you will pull it off and make it work.
    Glad you had a good weekend and yes they did roast marshmallow, only I was inside hiding from those pesky mosquitos.
    Take care, Gillian.

  2. G, Funny, as I was writing my BEE post I thought "Gillian would not like this book." Really.

    And have you checked out the CHOCOLATE marshmallows? We toasted a few over the gas grill last night (yes, I know, so suburban) and they were deliciously gooey. Peace, Linda