Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Blogiversary!

Happy Birthday Leftbrainwrite!

Exactly one year ago, I entered the wild, woolly cyberworld of blogging. My friend and fellow writer CHRYS BUCKLEY had returned from a conference two weeks before, pumped up about blogging and somehow convinced me to join the fray.

We've come a long way, my little baby.

--64 posts
--A few HONORS along the way
--Some guest blogging for SARAH MOFFETT and MOONRAT
--Musings on mental health and substance abuse and creativity, on balancing the personal and the professional
--My travails writing, including the ups at GRUB STREET and SIX SENTENCES, as well as the downs of doubting

But most of all, I met YOU. Fellow writers, readers, editors, bloggers, publishers. Friends. And some of our cyber connections have led to face-to-face encounters of the most blessed kind.

Thank you for journeyng with me. Thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts and ideas and worries and joys. Enjoy the virtual chocolate and champagne. And here's to another year...

THE WRITING... I'm gonna be scarce for a couple of weeks. In part because of vacation. But mostly because I need to write. If you check out the PURE-O-METER, you'll see that steady and upward arcing word count on PURE has fizzled. I have a good excuse - I'm working on BRIGHTER THAN BRIGHT. Yeah, I know - I Promised it was done.

But I'm rewriting BTB to editorial order. Okay? Thought you'd understand.

Peace, Linda


  1. Happy Birthday to your blog, Linda, and I must say you've done a splendid job of making it interesting, informative and up to date. I look forward to more great things in the coming year, including insight as you go through the publishing process. You should be very proud of your accomplishments.

  2. Linda, Congratulations on your blog and all of your accomplishments over the past year! All my best, MJ

  3. Wow, what a milestone, we will let you go write if you promise that you will come back to us in the near future.
    Take care, Gillian

  4. happy blog birthday, linda. yay! =D and good luck with writing and word count. dive in!!

  5. Hey all, THANKS! Finally finished the grant proposal and can hang out here on my own stoop for awhile. Though mostly I'll be writing in my garret. Mostly, thanks for sharing your journeys - I learn much from you all. Peace, Linda

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!!!

    *donning party hat and dancing around*

    go Linda go Linda go go go!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Linda. Few deserve congratulations for breadth and depth as much as you. I hope there was atleast one cream cheese frosted cupcake to celebrate...or maybe I'm projecting.



  8. Happy Anniversary, Linda! You've made it a great place to visit!


  9. Thanks all for dropping in. I'm doing a drive-by myself as I zip on to phase II of vacation (I think the last time I had 2 consective weeks off was in high school). Off to visit family and friends in Massachusetts, and indulge in some well-deserved lobster rolls. Peace, Linda