Thursday, June 26, 2008

Celebrate Reading!

Dear Moonrat, Prolific Goddess of EDITORIAL ASS, is celebrating reading this June with guest bloggers sharing books important to them. Check out your reading stacks from the past, and compare. My To-Be-Read pile has morphed this past month, with some bloggers definitely convincing me to try books I didn’t think I’d ever savor.

Today is my turn to pontificate, so check out my pick HERE. And read the rest of the series – you’ll be glad you did.

(Thank you, Moonrat, for this fabu opportunity. Now, get writing – you’ve less than 5 days to meet your July 1 deadline


  1. Well you little guest bloger you. Yummy days off. Pure, what a great title.

  2. yeah, yeah. you know what i've decided? conclusions are totally overrated. i think we should start a tradition of novels missing their last 40 pages! (dont you?)

  3. Yeah, an agent loved the title too. And the premise. She's already asked to see it. Now, just need to write that damn book!

    Yes, Moonie, endings are totally over-rated. Jeesh, it took me 3 MONTHS to wrap up the last two chapters. 90 days!!!! And this was draft gazillion or so... Good-luck. Peace, Linda

  4. Heading over now! I'm so excited to see you with a new bloggy background, just for fun!

    Oh, Linda. It's taken me 90 days to stop hyperventilating after submitting sumthin' with a comma instead of a semicolon. And I've just submitted a comment with the word "sumtin'" in it.

    You rock.

  5. Mags, honey, don't worry about the comma/semi problem. Your writing soars - it always does - and it will win the heart of that reader. Peace, Linda

  6. really enjoyed your post over at moonie's. didn't run across you before and was happy to link you! again, congrats and oodles of luck on the querying! yay!!

  7. YAY! This is awesome Linda, and totally makes me want to read the book.

    I'd also love to see your "to read" list, too. Sometimes it feels like mine's so long I can't live long enough to finish it.

  8. Cindy- Thanks! I'm glad we found each other! I linked you as well - YAY!

    Chrys, I know what you mean - so many books, so little time. I devoured two this week, and am starting in on another. I'm giving myself this summer to just read, and write - a bit. Not so compulsively. But we'll see... I just got my first 600 words of PURE out this a.m. and have been thinking of little else... sigh... peace, Linda