Thursday, May 29, 2008

writing... rewriting...will it ever end?

Only 120 more pages to edit. Revise. Polish. Finish.

Almost there. I kinda feel like Ben running his beloved Boston marathon, just substitute words for distance...

Every millimeter of me aches, the constant concentrating fries my mind. I remind myself I’ve run this fucking hill a million times, it’s not steep so much as persistent, a half-mile of steady incline. I breathe - in, out, in, out - four paces for each inhale, cresting Heartbreak Hill in a spurt of unadulterated adrenalin...

The noise recedes, faces blur, fears dogging me the past twenty-plus miles meld into cloudy static. My knees kick up, everything turns off in my head, my breath the only sound, my pounding feet all I see and feel. At last, I break through to pure white, switch to autopilot, and burst past pain, frustration, all the anxiety. An almost holy peace transcends; at last, my oblivion of euphoria.

June 2 looms. The End. I suspect my elation will be tinged with sadness as this stint of the journey ends for BRIGHTER THAN BRIGHT.

Peace, Linda


  1. Linda, I envy your progress. Keep going, lady. The finish line is in sight!

  2. Linda,

    Exhilarating exhaustion.
    That Runner/Writer's high-- in the ZONE.
    Physical -- mental -- exercise.
    Breaking the finish line.

    You did it champ!

  3. I have the Twinkies and box o'wine ready. Can't wait to celebrate. :)

  4. ah the famous "parting is such sweet sorrow"

  5. Obviously, I'm a little late in reading your latest posting. Congratulations on your progress. I'm happy that you're crossing the finish line with your novel revisions.

  6. Thanks kiddos... Getting there, almost ready to swig that cheap blush in o' box. Peace, Linda